About Us

The Firm

We today live in a world where the power manifests in the idea itself and not merely in the expression of it; where the value lies in the information and not merely in it’s conveyance. As the information is reduced to digits, the physical medium in which intellectual property traditionally resided have disappeared and has fundamentally changed the notions of ownership, control and value of property, forever. With this transformation, the whole dynamics of Intellectual Property have also changed. To take up the challenge and surge forward Worldwide Intellec has flexed its structure and developed into becoming truly an Intellectual Property ‘boutique’ firm of the new economy.

Our Craft

Founded in 1984, the firm handles all aspects of Intellectual Property, from advisory to litigation, prosecution to anti-counterfeiting actions, licensing to valuation and beyond. With a robust team of qualified and experienced attorneys, we have handled some of the most contentious issues in Intellectual Property law litigated in courts in India. Many of our attorneys have received specialized training in their respective fields of law abroad and the scope of our activities is as varied as the distinctiveness of our individual interests and identities.

In addition to representing clients from all over the world ranging from Fortune 500 companies to individual inventors, we also act as outside counsels to a number of Indian business houses whose business interests range from automobiles to food and drugs and software exports to infrastructure. Their business interests take us all over the world allowing us to form working alliance with distinguished firms in more than 120 countries across the world. We specialize in handling large portfolios of both Indian and international corporations and bring in a depth of experience and understanding of local nuances. The firm is an active member of International Trade Marks Association (INTA), Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA) and is well represented at various other national and international forums.

Our Goal

Whatever we do, is with a strong passion of doing nothing but the best. To say the least, we consider that the final arbiter of the quality of our work is not the judge, the client or any other external truth; its our own consciousness that we work for.